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Acorn Financial Services is a dynamic and strategic financial advisory business, based in Kent Town, Adelaide.

We work with you to protect your assets, plan for your future and grow your financial wealth.

Led by Director and Senior Financial Adviser, Reg Grantham, together we help our clients set their financial, lifestyle and retirement goals so that they and their families can enjoy their future.

Discussing your finances is personal. We guarantee it will be done in confidence and with respect. Allow us to provide you with a clear picture of your financial situation and through support, guidance and planning achieve the goals you set.

Helping people achieve their goals is enormously rewarding and we are inspired everyday by seeing our clients transform their lives – it is why we love what we do.


Ensuring you, your family, and their lifestyle are adequately protected from any unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances that may arise in life.


We work through a process with you where we gain a detailed knowledge of where you are now, what is important to you and where you would like to be in the future.


We focus on planning and managing your wealth and income in a way that ensures sustainable growth into the future, without sacrificing all the fun things in life.

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Get free reports, use personalised tools and create and track goals to revolutionalise the way you manage your financial world

Reg has been very professional and effective in communicating our way forward. I would recommend anyone to work with you. Thank you thank you thank you so much! It is an amazing experience and I will use Acorn Financial in the future for sure.Toyin Olaiya, Director, ADEMARK Business Development & Consulting Services
I greatly appreciate the excellent customer service that Reg gives. He is a very good listener with close attention to detail and has given me very helpful advice appropriate to my situation. The detailed personal financial plan that he worked out for me has given me greater confidence about my future. I have no hesitation in recommending Reg and his team to anyone who needs help managing their finances.Roy Richardson
I have no hesitation in recommending Reg for advice, guidance and support in financial matters. Reg is very personable and respectful, a good listener and is creative and flexible in his approach,to bring about the best outcomes for his client. I feel secure and happy with the excellent service provided.Pat Peak, Pastoral Care Coordinator, Southern Cross Care


Superannuation is an investment structure that enjoys special taxation treatment to encourage people to provide for their retirement. Most investments held by an individual can be held within super. More information.



The common belief that “it won’t happen to me” often results in many people having a sound plan for wealth creation but not an adequate plan to protect the very thing that generates the wealth – themselves! More information.



When you retire, the need for a regular income does not stop. A retirement income stream is an investment vehicle which allows you to receive regular income payments after you have ceased working, to help fund your living expenses. More information.


Creating a strategy, based on your overall profile, to build wealth into the future. Strategies include regular investment, capital protected lending, investment bonds and more. More information.


Due to personal and financial complexities many people have their assets inadequately protected and risk losing them in the event of a sudden unpredictable event. More information.


Your hopes to ensure a secure future for your family’s well-being depend on how well you plan today. Transferring your assets when the time comes takes careful estate planning. More information.


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